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Arnelle Balane

Albert Padin

Co-Founder & CTO, Symph

Albert is a developer and entrepreneur who's worked on consumer, enterprise, and government software products. He is the co-founder and CTO of Symph, a design, development, and startup studio. At Symph, he has architected and developed solutions for 500 Startups, Office of the President of the Philippines, and the World Bank. Albert leads a diverse team of developers in creating software solutions. He ensures that the team's output is high quality and performs well at scale. Albert is also passionate about empowering startups and has been involved in the Philippine Startup Ecosystem, by facilitating and mentoring at Startup Weekends and other events. Prior to that, Albert started SpellDial, directed plays, and mentored street children. He studied Information Technology at the Centre for International Education Global Colleges. He lives in Cebu City, Philippines with his wife. His interests include theatre, performing arts, and the non-trivial act of eradicating poverty.

Aung Kyaw Paing

Senior Consultant/Mobile Engineer, ThoughtWorks

7 years in the tech industry. Mostly known for making mVoter, the official Burmese election information provider. I consider myself a craftsman. I don't just code, I craft products.

Bon Joseph Lazaga

Chief Technical Officer, DNA Micro Software, Inc.

Bon is an extremely competent and experienced engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. His career took off in DNAMicro back in 2016 when he skillfully addressed and solved an issue in the company, as other's modestly put it. He's more into coding rather than being the big head of the company. If you're looking for someone who truly embodies the cliche nerd guys in movies, look no further; Bon is the best guy for the role. One of his former team members even described him as the "living swiss-army knife of a developer" -- multifunctional and inventive. That's how good he is. He finds fulfillment in simply creating systems and applications rather than the allure of his position. You will always see him in the office regardless if it's the weekend. Nobody ever told him to do that, but he just goes.

Francis Alturas

Sr. Product Designer, GoDaddy

Francis is currently designing next-generation tools for the next generation of entrepreneurs at GoDaddy. He facilitates design sprints, writes frontend markup, and co-organizes local design events like the UXPH Roadshow, Visual 4, Sketch, and Dribbble Meetups. Previously, he was the co-founder and Chief Design Officer at Abstract Digital, a product design agency building venture-backed startups in SEA, and was previously a Design Director at Symph. He also has worked with people from brands like 500 Startups, Rocket Internet, The World Bank, and The Presidential Communications Office. In his spare time – he loves road trips, good coffee, and playing DOTA2. Francis will be giving a talk on "Design Sprint 2.0" where you will learn the secrets of how he launched digital products for venture-backed startups in SEA to eventually build next-gen tools for the next-gen entrepreneurs in North America.

Gary Lloyd Senoc

Software Engineer, Matcha Jobs

Tech protege since high school, Gary ventured into tech early and limitlessly spans borders by joining competitions and working with international clients. As a fourth-year Computer Science student at Cebu Institute of Technology - University, he continuously scales his experience in the tech industry by winning hackathons, building software solutions for global organizations, and speaking in university events to inspire students who dare to fearlessly dream and venture into technology. His latest speaking event was at this year’s Google I/O Extended event in Cebu.

Jirayut Nimsaeng

CEO & Founder, Opsta (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Jirayut is a passionate DevOps Engineer who loves to bring people, both Developers, and Infrastructure, to understand each other more. He is the CEO and Founder of Opsta (Thailand) Co., Ltd., which provides DevSecOps Transformation Consultants for Enterprise Customers. In addition, he is a geek in love with Automation, Google Cloud Platform, and believes in the Open Source community.

Rachel Lenli Tuhoy

Product Owner, Symph

Lenli is a Product Owner at Symph where she leads omniquotient, a startup team aiming to disrupt education in the Philippines.Outside of work, she volunteers for different communities and organizations by giving talks, facilitating workshops, and doing outreach programs. She is passionate about helping underprivileged communities and empowering young people to pursue the things they love doing. Lenli will be giving a talk about "Builder to Solver: The mindset shift for a dev in startup". If you are a dev (/designer/ project manager/ others) who have no prior startup experience and you're considering to work with an early-stage startup (or starting to work with one), this talk is for you.

Sachin Kumar

CTO | Google Developer Expert | Google for Startups Accelerator Mentor, TupeloLife

Google Developer Expert, Founding Team Member and Chief Technology Officer at TupeloLife (a connected health company), Google For Startups Accelerator Mentor, Founder, and Head of GDG Doha, Speaker, Writer, Blogger, Mentor, and Youtuber. He developed an early fascination for technology and since then, has always been on a quest to learn, share and innovate. Also, loves to share the experience and learnings of the products and services with the community to inspire them to build a better future. He has vast experience in mobile, web, VR/AR, Voice, Cloud Computing and also building solutions for the Healthcare industry and responsible for building and providing a platform for the American Heart Association’s National Hypertension Program in the United States. Recognized as an expert in technology and leadership, invited by world-class institutes and startup accelerators to participate in public lectures, mentorship, and training.

Surahutomo Aziz Pradana

Engineering Manager, Bukalapak

Pradana is a person who is really passionate about people and technology from technical side and from community side. He is founding and leading Firebase Indonesia Contributor and maintaining the contributor activity, roadmap and the impact to create another local Firebase Community in Indonesia. In Google developers ecosystem, he was one of the remarkable GDSC Lead from Indonesia since 2017 and leading GDG Jakarta since 2019, in 2019 he was also a mentor for Google Developers Kejar program for Mobile Web Specialist for Firebase chosen as top 10 Mentor, as well as the Speaker and Mentor for Google Bangkit 2022 Program. Combining an appetite for success and a passion for communities, previously Pradana has won multiple international hackathons as well as spoken at various tech events and conferences like GlobarXR, GDG I/O Extended and GDG Devfest across the globe of Asia, Europe and Africa. In his free time, Pradana likes to research technologies and write extensively on various full-stack technical topics such as Firebase, AR/VR, Frontend and Backend to help others learn.

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